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15th March 2009

10:26pm: Mad World
I tried the MadWorld video game. It is beyond gruesome. It is your standard issue "Man against the unending hordes of mindless violence" What really makes it is the in game challenges like "Man Darts" and the running sports commentary that is not safe for work, and I'm not sure if its safe for anyone. The F-Bomb is dropped liberally throughout the sports commentary.

This game is not for the little children, but oh so much fun.

18th February 2009

7:40pm: Bleh, i'm in chapaqua on work. I'm there on a building audit which looks like it is going to be a pain in the ass.

8th February 2009

6:44pm: Winter biking
I went out today to try out the variety of winter biking stuff I have. So I biked out to Stuyvesant plaza, dropped off soze's mail, had dinner and biked home. Weather on the way out was high thirties, on the way back it was just below freezing.

I like the new shoes. They are wind proof and water proof as advertised. I do have some tightness on the sides of my pinky toes but I am hoping that breaking the shoes in will help that. I may need to get some Specialized shoe beds for it though. Overall, pretty good.

The ibex tights, damn, those are warm. I did combine them with an out shell, but I was very pleased.

The outshell craft pants are very good. I really appreciate the velcro straps on the calves that keep the pants out of my chain.

I ended out a little warm and sweaty. But happy.

I may not ride tomorrow depending if I move my car tonight to someplace safe and how I feel in the morning.

5th February 2009

1:18am: Bike rollers
I managed 20 minutes today on the rollers. I might have been able to go longer but I started getting wobbly and decided to stop.

3rd February 2009

11:42pm: Roomba
We hate to sweep. We broke down and got a roomba.

To our unholy surprise, the damn thing works. and works well.

On its initial test runs in the house:
It has managed to get lost and die in the bathroom
Get lost while humping a laptop in the living room
Get lost having mounted some garbage in the kitchen.

So far we are keeping it out of the office and the bed room. Eventually we will expand its allowed areas to include those.

Today it managed to complete its rounds and make it back to its base station without fault.

The floors are so clean its eerie.

21st January 2009

12:40am: No death, no falling
I did about 12-13 minutes on the trainer. Just working my way back into it. right now it isn't my legs that get tired first, it is parts of my back. Once it gets tired, my form goes to pot almost immediately.

20th January 2009

10:47pm: Bike review
After my little tumble on the rollers I took at look at the bike.

The rear wheel has some irregularities and will have to go into the shop to be retrued. It should be okay for light work at home until then.

The pedals had to be rebuilt. They were over 2 years old. The rebuild took an hour. I probably could have done it in twenty minutes if I hadn't been distracted by John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

When I took the tumble, peddling had a weird feeling that was distracting. That may have contributed to the fall.

We'll see when I try the bike out again.

19th January 2009

12:43am: Roller update - Not dead, and I mean it this time
I managed to user the bike rollers for about 14-15 minutes tonight. Then I hit the wall I was using for support, bounced off of it and took a tumble to the floor. I nicely landed between the kitchen counter and the table. No real injuries as far as I can tell. Just the indication that I was done for the night.

18th January 2009

2:08am: Now testing facebook
Now testing facebook feed from Livejournal.

I now have facebook and am not lame.

14th January 2009

9:04am: Planet Earth
Its a wonderful series on Discovery Channel. Watch it in HD if you can.

Marsellus watched part of an episode with us last night: He watched all of the wolves and bears eating other things but skipped the snow leapord hunt. It is the first time I have seen him enthralled by the television.
8:13am: Hmmmm stiff back
It looks like my time on the rollers has gotten somethings attention. Part of my lower back is stiff this morning. I dozed on the heating pad to some effect. Time to find some aleve.

There is definitely a difference between the left and right sides though. Damn broken collar bone from umpty ump years ago still rearing its ugly head.
12:59am: More bike rollers
I managed about fifteen minutes on it tonight. I can tell the moment I get tired because my form starts to suffer at the 10 minute mark and I get all wobbly on the bike.

Mounting is a serious issue. I managed to move the rollers to a single wall (instead of a door frame) and that seemed to work okay.

I tried to use the couch as a low support and found that I couldn't mount the bike while it was on the rollers. I couldn't mount the bike and keep it stable long enough to get the bike rolling. I am going to try the one wall system for a while.

I may also have to get the extended arch support insoles as well. I have new shoes and I am attempting to see if the insole fit is correct. It is still a matter of breaking the shoes in.

12th January 2009

10:06am: Bike rollers continue
15 minutes continuous, no death. It's a good start. I'm still in a door frame though.

I still don't know how to get on the bike while it's on rollers. It s a little wierd.

Stopping is easy, just just step off. The bike isn't moving so you just step down.

EDIT: Maybe I'll get Soze to take a couple pictures as I am just about to:
A: Fall Off
B: Drive Off
C: Ride into the refridgerator

8th January 2009

12:46pm: Rollers (again)
Last night's lesson:

The faster you go, the less steering input you need before you try to fly off the rollers. Go up one gear at a time.

If you go slow: balance becomes a serious issue.

If you go to slow you fall over, if you go to fast you drive off the side of the rollers before you know what happened.

7th January 2009

11:17pm: Damn...
A friend of mine was covered in WIRED

Very Cool.

6th January 2009

10:52pm: Rollers part 2
Okay, this time I didn't feel like I was going to flop over immediately when I tried the rollers. Still playing bumper cars with the door frame though.

Once you set a steady pace and keep going it is relatively easy to maintain a constant pace.

5th January 2009

9:37pm: Bike rollers
I got a set of bike rollers for christmas.

Damn, they are challenging to use the first time. You have to spend a lot more concentration working out your balance, form, etc etc etc.

4th January 2009

6:01pm: Wii Fit
Soze got a Wii Fit for christmas. She got me using it yesterday. It is a fairly thorough use of the arms, legs and torso.

And in the comfort of your own home so you don't have to look like a fool in front of others!

This is going to get the attention of my right side very quickly. It has always had weakness issues every since I broke my collarbone.

1st January 2009

10:03am: Stupid club
The first rule of stupid club is you don't talk about stupid club.
The second rule of stupid club is that you don't stick your thumb in your eye.

26th December 2008

1:18pm: An actual useful program
I dug up a pair of programs recently that I am very very happy with.

The first is called Handbrake
The second is called DVD43

Together you can use them to decript and rip DVDs to your computer. Since I am an avid iTunes user and AppleTV user I can now rip my entire DVD collection to hard-drive and just call up the movies on the AppleTV. Very useful program.

Here are the wikipedia entries on them as well:

DVD43. It is used to decript encrypted dvds. You need it since Handbrake does not have that capability. It acts as a seemless pass through to Handbrake.

Handbrake A video encoder devloped on the open source methodology.

17th December 2008

12:35pm: Update on the bicyclist that was bodychecked by a policemen in July
From CNN -

A New York police officer who appears in a YouTube clip to knock a bicyclist to the ground during a mass bike ride in Times Square has pleaded not guilty to assault charges stemming from the incident, his attorney Stuart London said Tuesday.

The YouTube video of cyclist Christopher Long getting body-checked has been seen by millions.

Officer Patrick Pogan was indicted Tuesday on three misdemeanor and two felony charges by Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau. He was released without bail.

The charges stem from a YouTube video clip showing Pogan body-checking cyclist Christopher Long from his bike during a ride by the group Critical Mass on July 25.

According to the Critical Mass Web site, the event "is a monthly bicycle ride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists right to the road."

Pogan arrested Long and charged him with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental administration. Pogan was placed on desk duty following the incident.

The District Attorney's office investigated the matter and alleges that Pogan falsified information in the paperwork for the arrest and the subsequent criminal court complaint, saying that Long intentionally rode his bike into Pogan.

"In fact, the incident was videotaped and showed a far different set of facts," according to release from D.A. Morgenthau.

"The video, which was posted on the Internet, showed Pogan singling out Long and purposely body-checking Long off the bike."

Pogan was charged with falsifying business records and filing a false instrument, which are felonies punishable by up to four years in prison.

He also faces misdemeanor charges of making a punishable false written statement, second-degree harassment and third-degree assault.

During a news conference Tuesday, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, "It's certainly sad and disappointing to see any officer indicted, particularly one who had only been out of the Police Academy three weeks."

Pogan is scheduled to be back in court for a hearing on February 4

6th December 2008

1:21am: William Ayers writes an Op-Ed for the NYTIMES

19th November 2008

9:12am: Statistics of the day
72% of all deaths in the original Star Trek were from Red Shirt Fatality

13th November 2008

4:28pm: Is your cat plotting to kill you?
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